Sentinels Of The Snow

Major General G. D. Bakshi narrates the story of the Battle at Rezang La in the Chushul district of Ladakh during the 1962 Indo-China War. He talks about how PM Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru had been warned by the military and by Vallabhbhai Patel, but he refused to believe that China would get aggressive and stopped the modernization of the military to concentrate on other development in the country. When the Dalai Lama fled Tibet and took refuge in India, it angered China and the Army Chief General K. S. Thimmayya was concerned how they would retaliate, but his concerns were not heeded. The army prepared itself for an attack nonetheless, and, with just 123 soldiers, Major Shaitan Singh of 13 Kumaon gallantly fought wave after wave of Chinese soldiers, losing his life along with over 100 of his comrades before the Chinese declared a ceasefire. Watch the story of this historic battle in Sentinels of the Snow with G. D. Bakshi.

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